Disneyland Must Haves

We just got back from Disneyland and these are all of the must have items we bought from Amazon!

Tshirt linked in above photo.

Runs a little big, I wore a small!

Stroller Board linked in above photo.

Ears are linked in above photo.

Much for affordable than buying them in the parks and they’re great quality with lots of color options!

Minnie scrunchies linked in above photo.

These were the favorite for my oldest and there are a bunch of colors to choose from!

Charger linked in above photo.

This was the MVP of the entire trip! Charged all of our phones and does it quickly!!

Water bottles linked in above photo.

Disneyland has water bottle fill stations so having one for each child was a must have. Plus these all come in cute Disney options!

Stanley linked in above photo.

I’d fill this up with ice at the hotel and had ice all day long! Definitely a must have, you could even fill it with some caffeine!

Pill case linked in above photo.

I was able to fit all the medications needed for the entire trip in this, plus extra elastics and medicine for the kids!

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